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Terms & Conditions

1.   Application for membership must be made and accepted by the Group membership committee before formal membership is confirmed.

2.   The membership application fee must be paid in full prior to membership being accepted.

3.   The meeting fees must be paid by monthly direct debit facility directly into the Group’s bank account.

4.   There will be no refund of membership or monthly fees following cancellation of membership for whatever reason once paid and accepted.

5.   Membership Renewal – all annual membership renewal fees must be received in full by the members renewal date.

6.   Attendance – compulsory at each meeting (or your place taken by a substitute of your choi   ce). In the event of an unapproved absence the member will receive a verbal warning on first absence, a written warning on second, and cancellation of membership on 3rd absence within a 6 month period.

7.   Leave of Absence – There is no policy set in place for any leave of absence. Should a member be absent then the rules in 6. apply. However in circumstances of enforced absence on medical grounds, exceptions can be made and it is up to the member concerned to bring this to the attention of the Membership Secretary for discussion.

8.   Arrival – All members and guests are expected to arrive on time and stay till the meeting closes.

9.   Contributions – Members are expected to contribute to the meetings by way of bringing a prospective business lead for a fellow member, a guest visitor to the meeting itself, or a written testimonial for a fellow member.

10.   Exclusivity – Reach Networking Group has a one person per trade/profession membership rule. This means that only one person from any business category can be a member at any one time. For details of categories available please contact the Membership Secretary. Note that in the event of any difference of opinion or conflict in categorising a trade or profession, the decision of the Group Membership Committee is final.

11.   Category Conflicts – Should any existing member have any concerns about a guest’s chosen category; for example, if it conflicts with their own, then it is the responsibility of that member to bring this to the attention of the Membership Secretary prior to the Guest being made a full member of the Group.

12.   Guests – Guests/visitors to the meetings of Reach Networking Group may attend a maximum of 3 meetings. If they wish to attend a third, then they must apply for full membership of the Group.

13.   Attire – Normal working attire is encouraged for all members, though please remember that you are representing yourself/company at these meetings and sometimes first impressions count.

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